Why Do You Ride?

I love bicycles. I love my bicycle. Bicycling is a simple joy.

I spend most of my time thinking about bicycles – my bicycle, my steel horse. I have trouble articulating it, but it brings back the glee of my first sweet ride: the white and blue huffy single speed with coaster brakes. Bicycling brings back the feeling of throwing a towel over my shoulder and peddling to the pool on a hot summer day, using my coaster brake to skid down my driveway during an alleged high speed chase, or jockeying with friends on the street as we explored Glen Ellyn in June.

I still cherish the freedom my bicycle provides. I find the entire city is at my disposal.

Early last year, I started biking to work. Bicycling to work isn’t for everyone, but it is right for me. I cycle commute because:

It’s the fastest way to commute. Traffic on a bicycle isn’t bumper to bumper because of construction on the 14th St Bridge; it’s the occasional street cleaner or double parked car. I blow past the smog machines on 16th St. And I can park anywhere for free.

It’s the most enjoyable way commute. Being outside, experiencing the neighborhoods, engaging the street allows me to feel the pulse of the city. You can’t do that when you’re trapped behind a windshield hearing the Eastern Motors radio spot on repeat.

It’s the cheapest way to commute. I could purchase several trips to Argentina and back with the money I saved on car payments, insurance, gas, parking, and maintenance.

It’s the healthiest way to commute. I lost 30 lbs. I got in better shape bicycling to work than I did training for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.

Say why you ride in the comments.


6 responses to “Why Do You Ride?

  1. To burn off beer calories and because DC has so many fun trails.

  2. because cars are for bitches

  3. Because I like feeling tough when random drivers in Old Town Alexandria stop and ask me if I’m okay when I’m riding in sub-forty degree temperatures.

  4. Because it’s cheaper than buying a car/transit pass, and in Chicago at least, it’s faster than driving or taking the el/buses.

  5. I ride my tall bike to show off my ironic mustache.

  6. I ride to work to shut up the Hell Bitch, Little Nellie and Big Nellie. They hang out in my shed and whine incessantly unless I take one of them out for a spin. And besides, the Mount Vernon Trail is just one hell of a nice bike commute route.

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