Ride Your Bicycle to Nationals Stadium

Let's Go Nats

As of today, Spring is officially here. Not because the weatherman said so or that it’s actually going to stay warm out. Today is Opening Day.

Nationals’ games are a good way to spend an evening outside chatting and reminiscing about how the time you caught a foul ball. However, getting to and from the stadium can be a hassle.

Parking is expensive and the traffic can be bumper to bumper. The metro can be packed like a can of sardines.

Why not bike?

In fact, the Nationals make biking an easy option. In addition to the 250 bicycle racks near the stadium the Washington Nationals also havefree bike valet.

For the convenience of our bicycling fans, Nationals Park offers a FREE bike valet located in Red Garage C at the corner of N & 1st Street, SE. Access to the valet is on N Street just left of the entrance.

The valet will be accepting bikes two hours before game time and will close 1 hour after the last inning.

The tricky part of a route for most people will be crossing the Mall and the Southwest Freeway. I’d recommend 7th St to M St SW or 3rd St to Independence to New Jersey Ave SE.

If you need a route suggestion, let me know in the comments.


4 responses to “Ride Your Bicycle to Nationals Stadium

  1. That’s a great idea! I would definately try that if I lived in DC. I wonder, howver, if there are problems with theft.

  2. Hopefully the nats will be better this year. They haven’t been good since they were in Canada:


    Riding your bike to the game is a great idea!

  3. Can you suggest a route from memorial bridge to the stadium?

    • If you are coming from Virginia, I’d suggest staying on the Mt. Vernon trail and coming across the 14th St Bridge. From there the most direct route is probably Maine Ave SW to M St SW. Alternatively, you could take Maine Ave to I St SW to 1 St SE.

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