Just Another Day on the 15th St Cycletrack

Newstand down

I get used to stuff in the way and find new stuff each day (see above) by riding regularly in the 15 th St cycletrack.

As far as I can tell, there are no rules once you are South of Mass Ave. Paint, bollards, shouting, and bells seem to only be obstacles to future obstacles (parked cars or a gaggle of joggers who are miffed you’re in the bike lane). I may start riding my cross bike to work so I may portage over the cars. Parts of the pavement remind me of off-roading anyways.


2 responses to “Just Another Day on the 15th St Cycletrack

  1. The car in the distance looks pretty ominous as well. Somedays I ride in the cycletrack, somedays in the street. I don’t like riding northbound in the left lane, esp. if I have to go out of the cycletrack and into opposing traffic to avoid obstacles.Lately my biggest concern has been pedestrians who, without looking, step into the cycletrack while they’re waiting to cross 15th st.

    • I’ve never seen pedestrians so desperate to cross the street. They just dart out into the street without looking.

      Yeah, sometimes I’ll ride in the right lane of traffic.

      I preferred the old format with the sharrows in the right traffic lane. Unfortunately, I was in the minority on that one, and most people salmoned in the Southbound bike lane.

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