Bike Summit says Titanium is Better than Carbon

The 2011 Bike Summit is happening right now in DC. Advocates from around the country are here in DC working to

…improve physical activity, safety and livability in the U.S., while reducing congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on oil …

But how?!

The answer is the bicycle. Now is the time to ask Congress to make strategic transportation investments that foster healthy people and healthy communities.

Okay, okay, you convinced me, bikes are great. I want to ride right now. However, WHICH BICYCLE DO I RIDE??! Unfortunately, I can’t attend the conference with speakers such as Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Janette Sadik-Kahn, and Ken Salazar and find out.

I looked at the summit’s website for clues. The Bike Summit offers several levels of sponsorship for the event of varying levels of monetary commitment.

  • Titanium: $75,000
  • Carbon: $25,000
  • Aluminum: $10,000
  • Steel: $5,000

And which one requires the most $$$$? Titanium! I knew those carbon bikes with there beefy bottom brackets were over-hyped. Long live Ti.



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