On the Verge: Spring is Coming

Sign of times to come: Spring

Daylight savings drops Sunday March 13 at 2 AM. It’s going to shake up the cycling scene like a new color of a Chris King headset.

This very minute office workers are dreaming of Spring. They long for those Saturdays where they sit inside and feel guilty because the weather is suitable for healthy outdoor activities. However, before they revert back to lounging around (sometime around early June), they encounter Spring.

Dying to escape the confines of their yuppie prison of an apartment, they dig out the bicycle and resolve to ride more often. They tell their friends, co-workers, and staff at a local bike store, “I’m going to ride more often. Yep, I’m looking to bike to work.”

Out to save the world along with themselves, the part-timers flood the streets by riding with headphones in on bikes with unlubed chains, rusty cables, and worn brake pads.

“I feel like a kid again!” they think as they roll in bike paths that appeared over the winter. “If only this was here last year, yes, then I would have ridden all year. What a shame!”

Confused and unsure of how to handle these new riders, you’ll keep your distance. Their approach will be unmistakable: the squeak and squeal of unadjusted cantilevers and a grinding chain. After they’ve shoaled you, they might try to throwdown in a Cat 6 sprint; looking back over their shoulder to check the “mad” gap they just made while almost plowing into pedestrians.

Deal with it. You were one of them one day, until that November where you kept riding.

The more bikes, the better.


2 responses to “On the Verge: Spring is Coming

  1. nice post, Charles.

  2. Call the fashion police.

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