A Truck’s Identity Crisis

USPS Truck in Bike Lane

USPS truck having an identity crisis

Dear USPS Truck,

I know you reading a lot about how chic riding a bike is these days. All the cool kids are doing it etc… But you’re not a bicycle. You’re a truck, so stop parking in bike lane on 15th St. I’d let it slide if it was once and a while, or here and there; however, it’s everytime I ride down 15th St. Was the creed changed to

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor posts seperating the raod from the bike lane stays these couriers from the switf completion of their rounds

Also is anyone else terrified of getting hit by a car turning left when riding Northbound on 15th St? I know DDOT installed the red left turn arrows, but cars routinely ignore those.


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