An Ode to Cycling Caps

Your cycling cap

I know you love that hat, that cycling cap. It felt odd at first.

“What’s this small brim for?” You thought. “Oh, these falps fold down to cover my ears.”

Now, putting it on reminds you of your best days. The days you were wishy washy about riding.

It was too cold to ride, but you rode. And it was great. The streets were vacant; the paths were absent of rollerbladers; and you felt invincible, because the hat was there for you. It fit just right under your helmet, and the magic wool didn’t get wet, and  those flaps kept your ears warm.

But seriously, this hat was not made to wear off a bicycle. You look like a doofus.

If you’re not riding or over 65 and look like you raced in Italy’s mountains way back when, take off the hat.


A doofus in a hat

Case and point. Only wear it on the bike.


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