Mainstream Media Cycling Coverage

A Bike in the Office

 NPR talks about switching gears and biking to work. “The more fresh air we get, the happier we are. I mean, it’s a no-brainer.” Agreed. It’s also nice to see biking to work coverage outside of May.

The Washington Post talks about the cycling boom in DC. The article highlights how the percentage of people who primarily commute by bicycle has doubled in the last ten years and Capital Bikeshare’s recent success.

The article, also, points out the political side of urban planning when it states “In less-affluent parts of the city, bicycle lanes became a symbol for the perception – which Klein said is unfair – that Fenty favored predominately white neighborhoods in Upper Northwest.”

It doesn’t surprise me that biking gets labeled a yuppie endeavor; however, an informal survey of watching who who rides in Adams Morgan / Columbia Heights / Mt. Pleasant will show it’s a miss characterization. People who bike around town are not just kids with Trust funds on fixed gears with Phil Wood hubs which they don’t lock up. Biking is a cost-effective way to get around, and for many it’s the only way they can afford to get around.

The NYTimes talks about cyclists giving up the bike after an accident. My favorite line is “The first thing I did when I hit the ground was turn off my stopwatch — I did not want accident time to count toward our riding time.” You can’t make that up.


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