2010 Turkey Chase/MABRAcross Championships

Get back on the bike

Getting back on the bike

Last race of the year; cut to the chase; all of my photos from Turkey Chase/MABRAcross Championships 2010 are here.

Based on the last few years and rain this week, people were thinking this would be a big slogfest. Mud mud and more mud: something that had been missing for most of the year.

Sidebar: Take a moment to remember this moment where we complain about nice weather and reiterate that cross is about being covered in mud, dealing with extreme conditions, and should only take place on gloomy fall days. Remember this moment next year when it’s raining for every race and we’re wishing for one nice day to invite our friends out to the race.

Anyways, when I parked my car in Taneytown, MD the mercury read 25 degrees, and there was no mud because the ground was frozen. I added layer after layer and did a two lap warm up.

There was a tricky off-camber section right off the bat, and I wanted to figure out some good lines, so I rode the start a few more times. Well so much for pre-riding, there was a crash every ten feet on the first lap. As soon as I got on my bike, someone else was on the ground in front of me.

The course pretty much didn’t have anywhere to recover. Despite the constant effort I was feeling good near the end. So when I saw that “1 lap sign” I went all out. I moved up five places on the last lap, which felt good despite my okay overall finish.

Then I changed into some real clothes and took some pictures.

Chasing each other up the hill

The uphill chase

Rider pushing the tape

Push the tape

Running up the hill with the bike

Getting off the bike is not fun on the fifth lap

Also, If you want the high res version of any of the photos from any race let me know. I’m going to switch up what site I use for photos soon. Picasa mess up the some of the colors and quality when uploading, and it’s annoying.


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