HoCo2xCx Rockburn Cross 2010

Through, not over, the barrier

Second day of racing for HoCo2xCx, Rockburn Cross, had a bunch of short punchy hills that took a tool by the end of the race. In terms of my race, not much to say here beside I didn’t do as hoped. A bad start, a crash on the last lap to give up several spots, and some weak climbing did me in.

That’s okay, it just adds to list of reasons to go to Taneytown, MD for the MABRA Cyclocross championships next weekend. I was looking forward to a low key weekend, but uh yeah, I like bike. So, see you guys on the 28th.


To be honest, I liked this set of photos better than Schooley Mill. You can view the full set of pictures from Rockburn on Picasa.

On a side note, I’m taking these pictures with an 18 – 55 mm lens, which means I’m right up on the tape and not getting a ton of the pain and detail from everyone’s sweat and dirt filled faces. I’m considering purchasing a new zoom lens for my Cannon Rebel.

Another way capture the action, could be a helmet cam. I’d be expanding into a new medium, but I’ve used iMovie…once… that makes me semipro. I have to say CXhairs.com does a great job with the cross previews and recaps, so the market might be saturated.

What do you guys think? What’s worth the investment? Leave your vote for helmet cam or zoom lens in the comments.

Also, if anyone has experience with zoom lenses and has a recommendation for one that is a good value, let me know.

I couldn’t help it a few more choice photos after the jump

In the off camber section

On the downhill

All the photos.


4 responses to “HoCo2xCx Rockburn Cross 2010

  1. HELMET CAM!!!

  2. nice shots…

    and yes…
    a ZOOM lens would be killer
    I would like a camera of better quality than the Rebel that I have
    as much as I like my photos
    I know a better camera would improve the quality of my photography

    as far as the helmet cam goes
    it is not saturated
    everyone can have a chance to tell their story
    and ya know… old Bill is not getting any younger… he may have to retire soon!

  3. Hey now Gwadz! I’m young at heart. A couple thoughts. First, don’t worry about saturation. If you want to play around with a helmet-cam, get a helmet cam. But be forewarned, the people that are going to like it the most are those six or seven guys you always seem to race around week in and out. They think you are the greatest guy ever. For everybody else it’s still a cool look, but the ones that get to see their asses on video? Hoo boy, they will be fanboys in no time.

    Second, there’s only so much you can do with the helmet cam. You slap it on, and go ride. A nice telephoto lens on the other hand, makes an enormous difference and opens up a host of creative possibilities. Especially if you get some fast glass.

    Just get both. If not you’ll just spend the money on beer and smokes.

  4. Alright, I’m getting both. Good thing I’ve got a whole off season to save up. As long as I don’t buy a new bike I should be in good shape.

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