Riding in Style: Tweed Ride 2010

Wheelmen in front of the Whitehouse

Wheelmen in front of the Whitehouse

This afternoon, wheelmen from across the region gathered in Lincoln park and embarked on a journey across the District called the Tweed Ride. The ride was organized by Dandies and Quaintrelles and raised money for Arts for the Aging.

While the Tweed Ride was more of a fashion event than a bicycle ride, it still involved bicycles and riding bicycles. The warm Autumn air and changing leaves provided a perfect day for riding; had I been on my usual routine, I would have been pounding away on the C&O rather than simply enjoying the day.

Below is my photo journal from the event (all my photos available here).

Wheelman gathered around

Wheelmen converged on Lincoln park in anticipation

Fighter Pilot

A WWI fighter pilot who lost his plane and found a boneshaker

A motley crew ready to ride

Making announcements

The town cryer made some announcements

Listening to town cryer

Okay so I couldn't really hear his old timey speach


And we rode.

Many on lookers asked what the shenanigans were about. Many riders responded with a poor British accent. You’d think they bought their tweed at Harrods.

At the end we peeled off and got some falafel in Adams Morgan. Several other riders had the same idea. Adams Morgan had been turned into a turn of the century town of leisure.


2 responses to “Riding in Style: Tweed Ride 2010

  1. What an excellent idea! Great pictures.

    This goes on my list of rides to do.


  2. TWEED RIDE VIDEO: What’s hard about biking in DC? Check out this video to see what bikers at the Tweed Ride had to say: http://ow.ly/3f80V

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