Gear ‘n’ Stuff: Coffee Cup Holder

Holding coffee on the bike. Photo by Ed Yourdon

Holding coffee on the bike Photo by Ed Yourdon

Okay, you’ve been there before. Call it a jam. You’ve got to ride somewhere, but you need your coffee fix. Down an espresso shot? Ride one handed while carrying an umbrella? Enjoy the coffee off the bike and show up late? Put the cup in your mouth?

There must be a better way.

Well there is; maybe, I haven’t tried it in person; however, I stumbled across a coffee cup holder, The Bar-ista™, from Portland Design Works (PDW). It attaches to your handlebar, so you can enjoy your coffee and ride your bicycle at the same time.

The Bar-ista installed and in use.

Has anyone tired it before? Any other recommendations?


3 responses to “Gear ‘n’ Stuff: Coffee Cup Holder

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