Race Report What?

Last turn before the sprint finish

I raced at Tacchino Ciclocross today. I’d write a race report but (a) no one really wants to read “rode my bicycle, got passed by some people, passed some other people, and finished in the middle of the pack.” And (b) have other things to do.

What people really want are pictures. Cyclists want to ride their bicycle, talk about bicycles, and see pictures of themselves riding their bicycle. Sometimes they’ll linger a moment longer on a photo of a crash, but the mission is clear: where am I in these photos?

There’s nothing wrong with this. People other than cyclists exhibit this behavior. Do you really think someone looks at your facebook photo album if they’re not tagged in it? Get over it.

Anyways, here are more photos from 2010 Tacchino Ciclocross.

The wind-up


P.S. Thanks to Squad Coppi for organizing the race. It was well run and the course was the right amount of pain.


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