I Missed the Memo Saying You’re More Important

Gridlock in DC

I’ve been doing this 36 mile bicycle commute long enough that most kinks have been worked out. My co-workers have stopped with the line of questioning or lifting up my bicycle to say “gee this is light” which is just their lead in to the real question “how much did you pay for that bicycle?” So for the most part, I’ve been riding in relative peace.

However, today I was on the McDonalds-Gas-Station Parkway (aka Franconia Rd) when an old Mercedes station wagon zoomed around me. My initial thought was that he wanted to drop me because he was in a rush to do important things like hit up the drive-through. Although, I was proved wrong when the rear window of his teal machine revealed his middle finger. He dropped me to give me the bird?

I shrugged it off at the time. But it stuck with me. There are three lanes, he could have changed lanes and gone around. I was riding in a straight line. I didn’t shoal him at a stoplight. What did I do? What could have provoked such uncivilized behavior?

I did a little googling. according to the internet, he’s probably a douche bag. Who would have guessed that a guy in fancy car that values a few seconds of his time more than the safety of the general public would be a d-bag?!


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