Bike DC (And Arlington too)

Bike DC

Bike DC was today. Bike DC is a car-free bicycle ride through Washington DC and Arlington,VA. The scenic route took riders in front of the Whitehouse, to the Iwo Jima memorial, and the Airforce memorial. Riders got to roll on the Whitehurst Freeway, the GW Parkway, and Jefferson Davis Highway.

Bike DC Recap

I rode. Riding without traffic was a breath of fresh air. Without horns blaring, exhaust pipes spewing, white vans taking every opportunity for a u-turn, the roads displayed their massive size.

Penn Ave with only bicycle traffic

I took my time stopping at the overlooks, because I didn’t want the ride to end.

At an overlook

As expected, a whole cast of characters turned out for the 20 mile trek. I caught Team America in action after they dismounted their 4 person rescue mobile. I believe they were in search of the chocolate muffins and brownies.

Team America in Action

While I merely had fun, it appears that I missed my opportunity to slay Bike DC and drop everybody including Team America like this ‘brah’.

The many who crushed Bike DC

While it’s not always fun to hear “On your left!” shouted by a dude pumping away on a mountain bike wearing tights and a Blockbuster Video jersey on a 70 degree day, I was alright with it this morning. I didn’t need to ride fast. I can do that every other day when I’m riding with cars, not hundreds of people trying to enjoy the view.

Overall, it was well organized, well supported, and an enjoyable ramble. Thanks to WABA for organizing it. Thanks toRevolutions Cycles for running the maintenance stands. And thanks to everyone who got up earlier than anyone should on a weekend to volunteer.

And then there was this.

Roller Sk8er


2 responses to “Bike DC (And Arlington too)

  1. Looks like an awesome time. I liked Team America.

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