Bicycle Miles per Burrito

Burrito Ready to Eat

To Californians the word burrito that is not prefaced by “Californian” or followed by “in California” is inflammatory. For the purposes of this report, we will assume that satisfying burritos are enjoyed nationwide.

After cyclists have their mid-morning double espresso shot and turn around, and wrap up their training ride, they are ready to consume some calories. A burrito often does the trick. Burritos pack some serious calories and fit into jersey pockets. Oft other types of cyclists pack a burrito before pedaling off to the outdoor music festival or dive bar that doesn’t serve food. But how many miles does that burrito get you? I’ve seen the 53 miles per burrito t-shirt, but that seemed too much. Must be the hybrid electic eco bike or something.

Let’s do the math.

A barbacoa, rice, black beans, tortilla, salsa, sour cream, and cheese burrito from Chipotle clocks in at 945 calories. According to Dr. Edward Coyle (aka Lance Armstrong technician/mechanic) at UT Austin, a 155 lbs cyclist rolling at 20 MPH burns 38 calories per mile. 945 calories per burrito / 38 calories per mile = 24.9 miles per burrito.

Results for other speeds

  • 10 MPH – 26 calories per mile – 945 / 26  = 36.3 miles per burrito
  • 15 MPH – 31 calories per mile – 945 / 31 =  30.5 miles per burrito
  • 20 MPH – 38 calories per mile – 945 / 38 = 24.9 miles per burrito
  • 25 MPH – 47 calories per mile – 945 / 47 = 20.1 miles per burrito
  • 30 MPH – 59 calories per mile – 945 / 59 = 16 miles per burrito

Common sense applies. Not everyone burns the same amount of calories. If you’re riding up a mountain, in some nasty wind, or are heavier, subtract a few miles. If you’re going downhill, drafting, or are lighter, add a few miles.


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