New Wheels | Same Rides | Scofflaws

I got some new wheels on Thursday. It was time. My ambition and enthusiasm had out grown my current steel horse. I’ve still got it for around town errands etc… On my new ride, I tested it out by completing the DC Grand Roadie Circuit: Georgetown to Great Falls, Arlington hill ride, and Hains Point Crit.

While out I collected some thoughts on the scofflaw cyclist.

Exhibit A:

Columbia Road NW: The Chase is On

I had a dilemma about posting this. If the AAA or WTOP to get their hands on this picture, they’d claim that all electric wheel chair riders are scofflaws that should not be allowed to be out and about unless they are in a Metro Access Van. A better response would be to fix the sidewalk. Let’s start there. Doesn’t seem unreasonable. Kind of like adding more bicycling facilities?

Exhibit B:

"Corduroy was a good choice"

Who said all cyclists were scofflaws. Here’s one in appropriate gear – hoodie, plaid, and corduroy – waiting at a stoplight. $10 this kid was heading to an OK Cupid date at the Red Derby.


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