Free Bicycle Themed Movies at the MLK Library in DC

If you were afraid that your VHS of Breaking Away was not rewound or your housemate scratched the DVD copy when he used it as a coaster for his PBR, fear not. Tuesdays at 7 PM throughout May, the MLK Library is screening free bicycle themed movies to celebrate National Bike Month including Breaking Away.

Breaking Away is a coming of age story that deals with a kid trying to pick up a babe, being an outsider, and a bicycle race. Roadies watch it every season when they need that little pick me up. Kind of like looking at Rapha’s pictures or drinking espresso. Some call Breaking Away a cult classic; however, in it’s day it was well received considering it was nominated for best picture in 1979.

Breaking Away is enjoyable if you like bikes, have to deal with someone who likes bikes, or enjoy 70’s era film.

Below is the full schedule of the film series:

  • May 4: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
  • May 11: Quicksilver
  • May 18: Breaking Away
  • May 25: Rad

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