We’ve All Got Our Quirks – Espresso and Cycling

Espresso (Not from the competition)

One barista had their shining moment at some sort of world championships of espresso making. Bravo is probably already drawing up plans for Top Barista and Celebrity Top Barista. Also, let’s be fair article, it was just not one barista’s shining moment; it was many barista’s shining moments. Some of them will never hit the big time again. Instead of securing a spot behind the counter at a trendy Seattle spot with a fancy 5 step Japanese process for making espresso, they will be forced to rule over Milwaukee’s coffee scene from the guts of an old warehouse. The whole big fish small pond issue.

Too, I wonder what the competition consisted of. I see a long line at 8:30 AM. Bluetooth banker needs his double shot. Better pull it quick or he’ll be more obnoxious than someone jabbering away on a cell phone at 8:30 AM treating a cafe like their own private office.

Of course, the United States Barista Championship holds merit. The winner get’s to compete in Europe. If they every fly planes there again, it should be a good trip. And I can understand how a barista can perfect their craft. It’s about taste, sourcing the right beans, making the perfect grind, and some sort of creative concoction that contains yuppie certified goods.

And we, cyclists, must give the competition a break. For 75% the time we are on the road, we are traversing to/from a coffee shop or in the depths of suburbia looking for a sanctuary of caffeine called a coffee house. Cycling and coffee go hand in hand. Many cyclists probably watched this closely considering the UCI cracked down on doping. It’s one legal performance enhancer left. Plus coffee is delicious.

For reference I drew up this diagram. The intersection is the Bikerati.

Venn Diagram: Espresso and Cyclists. The intersection is the Bikerati.

The Intersection is the Bikerati


One response to “We’ve All Got Our Quirks – Espresso and Cycling

  1. Having worked as a barista in high school, I can attest to the intense nature of this artistic, commercial endeavor. Only the best survive!

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