Found on Craigslist: A Master Lock?

I found this post on Craigslist.
Lock on Craigslist


This is THE MASTER LOCK! Its small and light even fits in your pocket! Many times not necessary to carry HEAVY BIG U LOCK and makes noise and scratches when you are riding bike with those heavy U Lock. This Master Lock is good for small stop in safe area like shopping,banking,meet someone etc… This is combination so do not worry to lose the key” yes key less” what you need is your brain to remember the number to unlock it. asking $5 only for you! 

This lock will not last a day in Washington, DC. A middle schooler could cut that lock with nail clippers they snagged from their sister’s caboodle. There is a reason why people lug a “HEAVY BIG U LOCK” around, because it’s a better deterrent.


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