Bikes No Spandex Required – 4 Must Have Items for Around Town

Normal People straight ridin' in the Budapest

When you were a kid cruising the block on the same ride that used to have training wheels, you didn’t need any special equipment like clips, padded shorts, or a cadence censor. As an adult you still don’t need that junk/dork badges of honor or a fancy carbon fiber crotch rocket.

I’m a fan of local bicycle shops. Their service and enthusiasm for bicycles makes shops like Performance look like an unwashed armpit; however, too many times I’ve seen people buy the wrong bicycle there. The employees love bicycles. They’ll tell you this model or the other is a better deal. In absolute terms, the parts for the price, they are probably correct; in relative terms, the parts for the person, they could be mistaken.

If you want to ride to the coffee shop and bike to the park on a nice day, you don’t need a narrow carbon frame with a shorter chainstay to make it light, minimize wind resistance, and have great acceleration. When you buy a car, the salesman doesn’t only let you buy a sports car. For some people a hatchback is best.

Four things to look for or add on to a bicycle for around town use.

  • A chain guard to keep you pants clean so you can just hop on and ride.
  • A rack or basket to carry stuff
  • A front and rear lights so you can be seen at all times of day.
  • Fenders to keep rain and dirt off of you.

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