Fixed Gear Culture Crash

Fixed Gear Participant

Now that Walmart has released their game-changing-iPhone/iPad-low-cost-fixed-gear, one question remains: where will the plaid-shirt-only-ride-in-the-drops-wearing-skinny-jeans-on-my-way-to-a-warehouse-party fixed gear cyclists find an identity?

I see two factions forming in the fallout. Those who yearn for speed will turn to cyclocross. Those who yearn for style will turn to dutch bicycles.


  • As a niche market of a niche market, Cyclocorss, provides the identity and belonging they strove for in the past.
  • The versatile bikes designed to perform on all types of terrain will allow them to fight through the potholes left in the wake of Snowpocolypse and drop the kiddies who pulled out their old mountain bikes when the mercury hit 75.
  • It takes a special bike to participate. This provides them with a feeling of exclusivity.
  • Beer and cowbells are involved.
  • You can guilt your friend into filming You Tube vids of your races. YouTube is too mainstream, maybe even they’ll congregate on Vimeo to provide another layer authenticity.

Dutch Bikes

And who knows, maybe the culture will endure. Maybe they will turn to penny-farthings or turn into cavemen.


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