Vasa Ride Recap

After the Vasa ride, enjoying the usn

Riders enjoying the sun after the Vasa ride

I rode over to the House of Sweden on Sunday morning. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but warmed up as we went along. I opted out of the 30 and 60 mile routes. Those routes went up MacArthur Blvd into Potomac. They are nice routes for any day, and if you are looking for a longer route some other weekend, I recommend them.

The scene in front of the embassy was relaxed. All kinds of bicyclists from commuters to lyrca clad jesters were milling about anticipating the blueberry soup. I rode the 15 mile route with friends at a nice casual pace around the District. One flat, no incidents, fairly smooth ride.

At the end of the ride,  sitting on the steps of the embassy infront of the water, the riders basked in the sun and savored their hard earned blueberry soup.

Thanks to WABA and the House of Sweden for putting together a great event. The embassy also hosts concerts and other cultural events; I’ll have to check them out.

Where did you you guys ride this weekend?

More pics after the jump

Blueberry soup

Blueberry Soup on the steps of the House of Sweden

More soup please



2 responses to “Vasa Ride Recap

  1. WOW!
    Compared to last years wet and cold this years event was as good as it gets when doing any D.C. cycling event.
    With three possible courses setup, fantastic weather along with the great W.A.B.A. staff members setting it all up there should have been no excuses for any of the surrounding areas cyclists to not have participated in this ride.
    Much thanks to the gracious staff at the Swedish Embassy for opening their doors to us and providing the tasty Blueberry soup and killer mini animal shaped chocolates ( yummm ;0)
    The textile and photography exhibits were open to us as well.

  2. yo! i had fun riding with you and thanks again for helping out with ceci’s flat. i don’t know what we would’ve done without you. thanks for the write-up and the pics! see you on the skreets.

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