Found On Craigslist: Pedals

SPD Clipless pedals

Found on Craigslist: Shimano PD-m540 pedals

Craigslist is a solid resource for finding bicycles and accessories. On the other hand, it can be a big mess of over priced rust buckets. The world needs a curated list.

Today I saw these PD-m540 pedals listed. Actually, I like these so much, I bought this model from City Bikes the other day. They are wide enough to ride without cleats. Shimano’s SPD system are easy for beginners to clip into. And the pedals are double sided which eliminates the fiddling you need to get the pedal right side up. If you want a little more surface on the pedal you can get these PD-m545.

Average Retail Price: $90

Asking Price: $60 (33% off retail)

Buy it: if you’re looking for nice clipless pedals and you ride around town often.

What else you’ll need: Shoes. These fit mountain or road shoes. If you’re installing them yourself, a pedal wrench. Otherwise, take it to a bike co-op or shop.



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