Exercise While You Commute

Bicycle commuting

Photo by Peter Blanchard

Doree Shafrir at the Daily Beast explains that in an average day Americans spend about an hour commuting to work and less than 20 minutes at the gym. She offers 8 exercises you can do while commuting. While I haven’t tried this workout regimen, I’d recommend an alternative: bike to work. For me biking sounds more fun than the “classic commuter crunch” or the “seated twist.

How many people live close enough to bike?

From US DOT, 30% of people live 1 – 5 miles from work. Say you lived 5 miles away. A new cyclist could comfortably ride 10 – 12 mph. 25 – 30 minutes there and 25 – 30 minutes back. For someone who is 160 lbs, that’s 580 calories a day. Sounds pretty good.

What if you live farther away?

Trying walking to the Metro. Or biking to the Metro. Or biking to a carpool location. Anyways, with a little ingenuity, it’s easy to find a way to work in a little more walking and biking in your life.

If you really want to ride, ride. Otherwise, if you like to sit there, you can always try an Ab Stimulator.


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