15 St Cycle River

Bike Salmon on 15 St

Bike salmon riding up stream on 15 St

The 15 St cycle track is up and running. It is a protected bicycle lane in the opposite direction of traffic and sharrows in the direction of traffic. Greater Greater Washington has some nice coverage.

This past week, I’ve rode up and down 15 St a few times to try it out. Most days I fight traffic on 16 St or 14th St. Skipping 14th St allowed me to avoid the intersection of left turning death carriages from Maryland, buses that can’t decide what lane to be in, and the rocky mountain range of pavement. Skipping 16th St allowed me to breathe; 16th is packed, but it’s the fastest option to and from work.

I think the cycle track is a great project, but the lane is off to a bit of a rough start. It’s kind of ugly, there were some cars parked in the lane, and I only saw bike salmons using the contraflow bike lane. There are some nice signs, but it will take time for people to understand the patterns.

I’m still curious who plans to use the contraflow lane on a daily basis. Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mt. Pleasant is the biking center of the District. CoHo and Mt. P  residents probably won’t use it, since 15 st North of U St only goes away from U St, taking a left off of 16th St onto T St is bold, and getting out of the bike lane on 14th St seems like a waste of time. For those in Adams Morgan who have to come East of 15th St will get some use out of it.

Anybody plan to use 15th St lane everyday?


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