Indian Summer Sunday Ride

PIC-0095Sunday’s weather was a cattle call for everyone to run out the door and romp in any direction by any mode they sought fit. Runners, Nordic walkers, rollerbladers, and cyclists flooded the streets in one last attempt to soak up sun. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of trying to enjoy these days by riding some of DC’s nice tree lined paths: Capital Cressent, W&OD, and Custis trail. Moments after navigating around geriatrics stammering three abreast, double-wide strollers, and tuned out cyclists, I bail on the trail and get back on the country’s bumpiest roads.

This time I skipped the kiddie pool and stuck to the roads. Everything was fine as usual until Georgetown. Turns out I don’t know Georgetown as well as I thought. I found myself on Foxhall Rd instead of MacArthur Blvd. Foxhall is fairly trafficked, but has some nice hills. I might use this route to get out of the District more often. I swung a left down Arizona Ave and made it back out to MacArthur to join the Lycra clad jesters. I rode up to Great Falls. Orange leaves dusted over the roads and painted the forests. Then, on Falls Rd, I headed over to River Rd for a ways and back down MacArthur. I finished at the the lap pool over looking the Tidal basin and Potomac – Hains Point.

After smelling the BBQ, hearing the cheer of family and friends grilling out on the Point, and studying the technique of tourists funneling hot dogs into their mouths on the Mall, I got the kind of stomach rumbles that could only be quelled by a burrito.

I headed up hill to my space-aged bachelor pad, cleaned up, and grabbed a burrito. Pretty good Fall ride.

Where’d you guys go?


2 responses to “Indian Summer Sunday Ride

  1. I rode to Mt. Vernon and back on Sunday – I was afraid there would be a lot of strollers and joggers on the path, but there were surprisingly few and I kept up a good pace. I was hoping that when I got to Mt. Vernon I would be able to get into part of the estate without paying so that I could chill out by the river for a while, but no such luck. So, I turned around. Good ride though.

  2. Actually, I rode on Saturday, not Sunday. My bad.

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