Wet Slippery Conditions – Don’t Fall

Fall in DC

This weekend a couple friends were in from NYC. They were shocked that only two people lived in such a large apartment and that DC was so leafy. I have to agree that DC has many nice tree lined streets and the leaves change bringing in a nice autumn hue.

Those leaves also fall. They fall and wind up in the street near the curb. Then it rains. It becomes super slick. Other slick obstacles include The wet white paint on the street and wet metal grates.

In general when it rains I’m more cautious, I ride farther from the curb, and I take a bit off the pedals. Ride faster to get to work earlier; how about ride slower to spend more time on the bicycle.

I’ve noticed there are many trees between U St and P St on 16 th St, so watch out there.

Any other locations in DC you’ve noticed?


One response to “Wet Slippery Conditions – Don’t Fall

  1. Pro Tip: Slightly underinflating your tires will give you more grip on sloppy days.

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