NYC Bicycle Infrastructure in DC? has put together a great video on bicycle infrastructure in NYC . I’d be happy to see many of these ideas come to DC.

A few highlights:

  • Bike lanes on the left sides of the street to avoid the door zone. There’s always a driver in the car, so doors on the left will open most often. Also, I think the bicycles are easier to see for the driver when they’re on the left side of the car.
  • The double arrows on the streets to marked shared space. These would be great on 14th St between U St and Irving St. It’s a steep hill and it’s heavily used by all modes of traffic during rush hour. I’ve seen them near 12th and Vermont Ave NW; it’s a nice cue to cyclists telling them to merge into traffic for the slight right.
  • Painted bike lanes making them easier to see.

Where else would you implement some of these ideas in Washington, DC?

Buffered lanes, bicycle boxes, cycle tracks, and more ideas in the video. I can’t embed it. Some sort of annoying wordpress publishing issues.


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