Air Travel and Two Wheels

We’ve talked a bit about biking to work in Washington DC, but what if you’re traveling for work? How do you bike to work then? The NYTimes does a nice write up of travelers and their options on the road: packing a bicycle, folding bicycle, or renting one from a hotel.

I understand the desire to keep biking on the road. When I don’t ride to work, I’m a big crank. During a stressful day, there’s nothing better than getting in the saddle and rolling home.

Also, when I’m traveling for work, I mostly experience the airport, a couple of highways that slice through town, and the room service menu. Biking would be a great way to see more of the city and get a better feel for the place, so I’m all for it.

Airline fees for bicycles vary. Check the airline’s website before hand to avoid being surprised with fees and make sure the bike fits the required dimensions.

Here’s a quick list of major airlines and their fees I just checked.

  • American – $100 plus applicable checked baggage fee.
  • Delta – $175
  • Jet Blue – $50
  • Northwest – $100
  • Souhtwest – Substitute for one checked bag if it’s fits the 62-inch sizing limit (H + L+ W) and weighs 50 lbs or less. Otherwise, $50.
  • United – $175
  • US Airways – $175
  • Virgin – Nothing extra if it fits the size! Next time I got to San Francisco, I’m flying Virgin.

More airline fees on compiled in September 2008.


3 responses to “Air Travel and Two Wheels

  1. My experiences flying on Southwest with a folding bike have been wonderful. – absolutely no hassle whatsoever.

    When I fly with the CarryMe folding bike, I take it on the plane as a carry on and stow it above my head in the bin!

    See the CarryMe here…


  2. I like how your blog is laid out I have bookmark this look forward to seeing more.

  3. I have 2 folding bikes…a Brompton and a Bike Friday. I have taken both on plane rides. Since they are “regular baggage”, I only pay for the bag fee (whether it’s the first or second bag I have). It’s WONDERFUL to have your own bike in a different city. 🙂 I wouldn’t do it any other way. 🙂

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