How to keep commuting in colder weather

You might have given riding to work a try during the warm weather or on bike to work day. Hopefully it went well and you enjoyed it. However, this week in DC, the mercury dropped a noticeable amount.

Late Fall and Winter are a great time to bike. Once you get going you’ll warm up and you won’t pour sweat out like the summer. Don’t stop riding now; just get the right gear.

Gear for cold weather riding:

  • Vest – Yes, a puffy one like Marty McFly. If your core is not warm, your body will pump more blood there to warm the organs, and that takes away from the peripheries (arms, hands, legs, etc…) A coat works too, but it doesn’t breathe as well and sometimes can be a bit much for riding in 50 degree days. Luckily vests are in this year.
  • Gloves – Your hands are riding out in front and there’s a lot of harsh wind going on out there. Get some wind proof gloves.
  • Headband (or wool hat if you don’t wear a helmet) – Your ears are going to get cold, so get something that fits underneath the helmet and covers your ears.
  • Lights – It gets dark out early, and the time change hasn’t happened yet. There is going to be limited light for a while. You need a white LED front light and a red rear light. WABA gives away free lights on October 29 and November 5.
  • Wool Socks – My feet get cold, so I like a nice pair of wool socks. SmartWool is a lifesaver.
  • Rain CoatWheelbrow weather is upon us. Taking the bus instead of riding is not fun.

Much of this stuff you might already have or you’ll find multiple uses for most of it. Next time you’re camping and it rains you won’t even notice.


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