Steer Left to Turn Right

My friends and I were in a small town in the Pampas in Argentina. Our hotel had enough steel horses for us to trek around town and view a couple sites. After some rock paper scissors (RPS), the rides were decided; I threw rock one too many times and I missed out on my first choice.

One of our companions was new to cycling. Like a father on a nice Spring weekend, we held the back seat and rolled him down the street. The bikes and roads weren’t in the best shape, conditions weren’t great, and we had never taught anyone how to ride before. So it didn’t go so well.

However, I realized I had no idea how to ride a bicycle; I could just ride. The mechanics of balance and motion went back to my childhood days spent circling the driveway. I had no idea how to communicate these ideas.

When I got home, I did some research. I found this great article on bicycle physics. It’s not as intuitive as you’d guess; you steer left to turn right. It’s a fun read. Check it out.


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